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01-01-2004, 10:12 AM
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As fans we generally look for the good things in our favorite team's players, kinda overlook the the not-so-good things too but in Brashear's case... as a player (not person), I just couldn't find anything to like about him and often wished he wasn't on the 'Nucks team.

I was thrilled when he was shipped to Philly so that I didn't have to see his mug in the lineup anymore; I found him to be quite an embarrassment, especially when he used to wipe his hands after a fight or perform some other showboating act. Uggg, that used to make me so mad!

I was also glad to hear that he was doing well with the Flyers and he seemed as though he settled down and was just a better fit with Philly than with the Canucks. I really did want him to do well... just elsewhere I guess.

Now I'm starting to hear rumblings from some Philly fans that DB isn't living up to his 'enforcer' title again. As the original poster said, maybe DB's role hasn't been clearly defined or maybe his role is changing. Either way, he does seem to be caught somewhere in the middle: too good of a player to be an enforcer and too good of an enforcer not to fight.

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