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05-01-2013, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by scryan View Post
Kind of a general question... Should I just jump into pickup games?

Grew up with a brother that played, and was kind of forced into the hockey life myself... I roller bladed, and we all played hockey out on basket ball courts... but never ice or league for me.
That was 15-20 years ago, and I have gotten into hockey again... and came up with the idea to play goalie. Hit up craigslist, bought evering and set out to learn to iceskate
So I have been to like 3 sticktimes, and have been out skating like 8 times
My brother says just go play pickup, they need goalies so bad anything is worth having. I like to be ready to go, so I wanted to get SOME basic ability first.

I let quite a bit in, but I can kinda skate, and stop a few so long as they aim for my head. I don't go down to my knees nearly enough and am pretty bad at moving butterfly... But I have caught the puck AT LEAST 3 times.
Well, actually I gopro'ed last sticktime and put it on youtube for storage...
I'd say I am basically at the point of starting to get comfortable with what I am supposed to do, but far from being able to do it well/on time
Im thinking do at least one more sticktime and spend most of it on recovery and butterfly slides...
Should I practice up for pickup games, or is that taking them too serious?
I feel like if I were playing out, I would be slightly annoyed with me in goal
Good luck, dude! Goaltending wasn't my bag, but to each their own.

I think you should just throw yourself in. Sometimes the best way to learn (or realise what you've done to yourself) is a baptism of fire.

Goaltending takes time to be comfortable with. I couldn't stand it, so I made the switch to D, but it was rewarding in it's own way. Keep going to sticktime, and ask people to shoot at you, and you'll gradually become better.

My only knock is the butterfly thing... you should experiment with all styles, and find one that works. Half of my problem was I went pure butterfly, and anytime I've done goal since, I've found I'm actually better (decent) at hybrid.

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