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Originally Posted by ZajacsShakes View Post
True, true. Also, look into inline. That can help mobile puck skills a lot.
Yeah, the problem I've found in this area is that the inline and ice programs and leagues are often in direct conflict with each other, time-wise. There's little or no open inline or inline clinics that I'm aware of, and when I've tried to contact guys at the couple of inline facilities here, I never hear back.

One quirk of rec hockey I've noticed is that rinks an hockey programs tend to have terrible, poorly maintained web sites that are rarely up-to-date and/or omit information about entire programs, and poor administration and information management.

I just don't know how people expect to attract new players to hockey when word of mouth/being AT the rink is the only way to find out accurate (or semi-accurate) info about what's going on.

Sorry to steer off-topic. I guess that could be its own thread, really.

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