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05-01-2013, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by ForzaZuffa View Post
I've literally only seen two car flags in the GTA, and I commute every day. It's really weird, it's like people can't believe they're in. Or maybe many in the new generation (current teens, early twenties) is apathetic and too hipster () while the older generation lost interest with the drought.
Me too. I was sure I'd see a bunch on the way in this morning, but the only one I saw was this insanely beat up VW that looked like it hadn't been out of the garage since the last time the Leafs were in the playoffs. Is it possible you can make a car that runs on fan support?

I'm guessing no one made new ones this year so the only people with flags are those who kept them in a cupboard for the last decade. If so that would explain why I've seen so few of 'em. Or they didn't finalize their order 'til the Leafs clinched, so there are a couple hundred thousand in a shipping container in the mid-pacific on the way here from China right now.

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