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Originally Posted by JoeyB View Post
There is, there's another which is actually closer to my house that's smaller in terms of number of players and meets on Sunday. It's way more drills than gameplay but the coach keeps things moving (which was actually a bit of an issue at the other clinic, since there were so many people you'd spend a lot of time standing around waiting your turn for drills) and it seems a little more "beginner friendly."
In my experience (playing for 3 years now), you'll benefit alot more, especially in the beginning, from doing drills than playing scrimmages. Skating is all about repetition and muscle memory - you'll get that in drills not so much in games. And that's true of the other skills too. Sure, you'll want some gameplay because that's why we play hockey but drills are huge. You'll touch the puck a lot more than you will in a game, especially if youre playing against tools who are just trying to tune you up. I 'm actually dropping out of one of my leagues for the summer so I can focus on a clinic and do some powerkskating camps. LT that will help me get better.

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