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05-01-2013, 10:54 AM
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thinlizzy :Bucky is a good old boy true and true and has been rewarded for all the pounding and licks he took for the team.

True, and just horrible management decision to do so.

Georges L didn't know when to step in and do his job. Hemsky would be getting his head run from end to end and George L would do nothing.

He had to get permission from mact to go after another player, just like all of our tough guys. That is one of the massive epic fails in mact's coaching.

Stortini was a punching bag. Nobody feared him so what is the point of having him. When he made his debute with Nashville he was pounded hard and got send down the next day.

He at LEAST answered the bell, more than I can say for most of the rest of the team.

Smackintyre was ridden to the press because he couldn't skate. Last time I checked what part of skating does a goon need again ?

He was pretty bad but once again the coaching staffs we have had over the years always neuter the tough guys from doing their jobs.

Bieksa is a pretty tough customer. I think it would be a good scrap between him and Brown. I like Brown in that he doesn't take stupid penalties. He knows when to inject some energy on the team when fighting. Not scared to fight any comers like Brandon Prust. As someone stated he needs someone to help him out a bit as the bottom six are cream puffs. JMO

Bieksa picks his spots and goes to the Dion Phaneuf school of beating on smaller guys or guys who are engaged. Any serious challenge and he does not answer the bell.

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