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05-01-2013, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by jsykes View Post
Hence the first three words, "From my experience."

I think many "love the game" or at least had it start that way. But I also know its a personality of many officials.

You dont become an official (in any sport) if you dont have the personality to take charge and let everyone know it. A shy official isnt doenst work out very well.

But even look at the NHL and what is going on with linesman these days in the faceoff circle. The throwing people out and "taking charge" and not just simply dropping the puck is getting to a ridiculous height. These guys want to be the center of attention for those few minutes and are making sure the players and fans know it.

I'm sorry, I'm 42 years old and have seen officials at all levels of play all act similarly. Not all mind you and if you're different, I applaud you and way to go. But many of the ones I've seen save for a very few, are all pretty similar.

And yes, especially in beer league because many of them cant even skate as well as the players so its the only way they can be above the players.
You seriously think we throw people out of faceoffs to get attention? We do it so the players take the ****ing faceoff properly

If you lined a game yourself you would see how annoying it is when you have to tell the center EVERY TIME to come in straight or put his stick in the right place

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