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05-01-2013, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Wouldn't be shocked if Holmgren is in talks with Read's agent right now to try to lock down an extension before the summer kicks in or at least a ball-park, handshake deal before the draft.

The Flyers like to lock up the guys they plan to keep early. They could get Read at a very reasonable price coming off this 1/2 season.
Why do people argue this? His agent will just state the opposite and you are right back to square one. Actually you might hurt negotiations by trying to low ball the player because of a shortened season with a rib cage injury. They aren't going to get a discount because of this year. We know he is a 50 point player and will want to be payed like one.

Also, if we do look to trade him, look at the Flames. Their assistant GM loves him and they have an abundance of picks out there right now. If we establish we can't get a new reasonable contract for him, the time to move him is now.

Also if his agent thinks they are trying to low ball them, he will just say let's see how he does this season and go from there. He could take a home town discount, but it doesn't seem likely with Homer's track record.

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