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05-01-2013, 02:28 PM
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Checking in again -

Had another game last night. Wasn't a really fun game at all. Other goalie gave up 8+ goals which must've sucked hard for him. I gave up 5ish. Could've played better, but the game was ugly.

Only 6 skaters on each bench, I was praying for breakaways. The other goalie got lit up and we had some really poor officiating that let things get out of hand...

About 15 minutes into the game one of their d-men took our one of our guys at the top of their crease and caused a pile-up with the other team's goalie at the bottom of it. Heated words were exchanged and their d-man got a penalty until the next goal was scored and not the full 2 minutes. Our team scored about 30 seconds into the powerplay.

In the second period the my d-man is racing to get a puck that was dumped into the corner on our side. The other d-man who got the penalty is chasing after him and cross-checks him in the back and sends him slamming into the boards head first. The ref gives him the same penalty. Sit in the box until the next goal is scored. I gave up a cheesy goal because the ref didn't whistle until our guy clearly wasn't getting up quickly and I was stuck between skating over to check on him and tracking the puck. At this point the ref should have tossed him from the game.

Things got progressively chippier and I played less aggressively than I would normally. I gave up 4 or 5 goals, but I never got into any sort of groove because the pace was pretty slow and I was more concerned about not getting taken out in retaliation. Three goals were on breakaways, one was my own stupid fault for trying to break up a centering pass from behind the net on my glove side.

Having a blast as a goalie, record is 3-8 though, but I my GAA is going down and I'm making most of the routine saves now.

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