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Originally Posted by Harley View Post
ISS has Nichushkin 2nd in their mid April ranking. Interesting. The more I look into the top 7/8 in this draft the less I want to see it traded.

One thing to add on the Lazar argument. And it's the same argument you could use on Lander. That two way game that works so well in juniors and lesser leagues takes a serious hit when you are trying to duplicate it at the pro level. Players under 6 feet and 200 pounds are so much less effective when trying to bring the same thing at the pro level when the guys they play against are often 6'2", 6'3", 6'4" and 210, 220, 230. I think an average NHLer is closer to 6'2" and 210 pounds.

These guys are already undersized. I know size isn't everything but to play an effective two way game in this league especially at centre, I think you need someone that is at least 6' 2" and 215. An effective big man in todays NHL is 6' 4" and 230. Players under 6 feet and 200 pounds is what we have way too many of. And to get bigger we are now in the position that we have to seriously look at the size of players we add. We really do need to get bigger one player at a time. One draft at a time.
No NO it is not!
Comparing Lander to Lazar is nothing alike. Lazar is 17 and he is already 200 pounds so he is going to get bigger. H e plays tougher then Lander and better defensively. And at the same age their offensive skills were not even in the same ball park. Lazar is way a head.

If you like Mike Richards you will like Lazar.
If you guys ever get a chance watch this kid and you will not be disappointed.

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