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Originally Posted by coldsteelonice84 View Post
If there is one thing I learned from watching the great Bulls teams, it is that you almost never see them at their best in the regular season. Talking about a team like the Heat here. They pace themselves over the year. If Jordan and the Bulls wanted to, they probably could have went 82-0 in the regular season. The Bulls have an elite coach that also pushes his own guys much, much more in the regular season than most coaches and that is why the Bulls had such a good record last year.

In the end, it is simple. They need another star player. That means making a move or waiting for the Charlotte pick and hoping it pans out, and/or the guy they have in Europe.
This is a common misconception with Thibodeau - he may play his guys more minutes (notably Deng, and this year Noah but that was only because Mohammed sucked for 2/3 of the season), but they practice lighter than any team in the NBA. Sam Smith talks about that pretty often. The notion of Thibodeau burning his players out/pushing them harder than your average NBA coach is misplaced. He demands more effort in games but has a reputation of having among the most tame practices. The lion's share of their work is in the film room.

The Bulls rarely scrimmage - the only time they did for an extended period this year was a ~3 week period where everyone was getting extremely excited about Rose doing 5-on-5 drills.

With all that said, I do think another star is necessary... maybe. It depends on who you're getting, or more specifically, what you define as "star." Deng and Noah are two all-stars at their positions. Boozer is a top-10 power forward in the game. Gibson is one of the best bench players in the league, you have some nice depth with Belinelli, Hinrich, a good young talent in Butler. The pieces are all there. I'm not convinced a Dwight Howard (not him specifically, but a player of his caliber) is needed to get the team a championship. And those players cost a lot too, both against the cap and via trade. If you have to give up Noah and Deng to acquire someone, the team probably doesn't get any better. It might actually get worse.

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