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Originally Posted by Hockey123456789 View Post
It actually goes like this:
1. Said idiot/jerk is Beaulieu destroying personal property
2. victim 1 makes comment that said jerk should stop
3. victim 1 goes to leave and Beaulieu's follow him outside and "curb stomp" him
4. guest intervenes and victim 1 escapes and calls cops
5. Beaulieu's go back inside and "curb stomp" victim 2 in hopes to find out where victim 1 would be so they can finish the job
6. Beaulieu's flee and cops arrive

slight bruising my a**
Maybe. Or maybe it goes like this:

1) Fun party. Accused takes a Chara bobblehead doll off a shelf and pretends it is fellatiating him.
2) Victim 1 says, "Eew, dude don't mess with the memorabilia..." and is slapped.
3) Accused dropkicks the bobblehead, a roar of approval from guests.
4) Victim 1 runs off screaming, knocks down Victim 2.
5) Enter Patrolman Recchi, "What's all this then?"

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