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Originally Posted by theIceWookie View Post
There's something to be said of Legwand's development. He wasn't exactly put in a position to succeed offensively. He spent 5 seasons playing on a very offensively defunct team, playing withvery little offensive support.

Cliff Ronning and Scott Walker were the two best forwards he was able to have around him. Not exactly world shattering offensive players.

It's more likely he wasn't able to develop his scoring ability at the NHL level, not because he didn't have one, but because the team around him limited it.
Why are people still stuck on this? And yes, Ronning would have lead this team in scoring easily.

First off, plenty of people put up good numbers in juniors and it doesn't translate to the NHL. When Legwand went back to juniors after being drafted, he was THIRD on his team in the scoring (behind two players that didn't make the NHL). That was one of the first telling signs that he wasn't going to come tear up the NHL with his offensive ability.

Once he got the NHL, he showed some signs of offensive ability, but missing were any indication that he had something special offensively. If you compare to Radulov-- anyone could see that guy had an "it" factor in the offensive zone that just needed time to blossom (though 26g in your 1st yr is nothing to scoff at). Legwand never had the "it" factor, and it's nobody's fault. He was overvalued as a prospect by many (thought not by some-- like the Sharks). However, it's not like there were a bunch of great prospects chosen after him. It was a bad draft year, especially the top 10. TB really won it with Lecavailier (a given at #1) and Richards (3rd rd)... two pieces that eventually helped them win the Cup.

A little known tidbit-- TB beat us out on signing Martin St Louis. How much of a franchise changer would THAT have been for us?

Barkovs numbers as a 17 yr old are very very impressive vs men (and even NHL players). I don't want to get caught up in draft hype and reading scouting reports, but if he's our guy, I hope if gives us that offensive "it" factor that we've been devoid of.

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