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01-01-2004, 09:51 AM
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Originally Posted by punchy1
You Dirt dog fans truly are sad and pathetic. What Avery did were wrong, true. What your cheap hacks did after were wrong also. THAT IS THE POINT. Your hacks decided that they would jump him for what he did and thats fine. The Bleeding daft refs let TWO of them drop gloves *which by the way AVERY DIDN'T* and pound on him. They got naught for it. THATS THE TROUBLE.
What game were you watching? I saw Doan rip Avery off Sillinger and then just a huge dogpile of players and refs. They didnt just sit there and punch avery by any means. I really dont get why you should get in trouble for defending your teamates, epecially after something as dirty as what Avery did.

The refs are there to police the game. Avery was dealt some justice and then thrown off the ice. Your implying what he did wasnt that bad by attacking the yotes sticking up for the teamate who just got his ass beat by a little pest when he was down on the ice. How many game misconducts has he had? Ill bet he will recieve a fine and or suspension. But I think the fact that hes a marked man is punishment enough.

Im not going to sink to the levels of others in here and insult everyone, that would be far too easy considering the fact it is LA.

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