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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Well, they stoppped doing those stretch passes as their go-to move pretty early on this year when it was clear they weren't working, which was actually something that carried over from the last month or two of the 2012 season. They started having forwards hang back to accept shorter passes instead of sending them all forward and trying to bomb the puck to them. A lot of the failed passes were relatively short, and a lot of them were actually made by forwards, not defensemen. They often just tried to get a pass to the defensive blue line, and often failed because they were dumb passes to people who were surrounded by opposition players. I don't know how often a dman behind the goal line would hand off to a foward, who would immediately try to pass to someone who was along the boards and had a man or two on him, leaving him with no options. The result: puck stays in the zone, likely a turnover as well. It was a dumb breakout plan, and they did it repeatedly with no alteration.

It's like Lavi made the one adjustment to the breakout early on, and then nothing else afterwards.

They adjusted toward the end with the forwards supporting the D closer but we still have a decent amount of turnover prone forwards like Simmonds et al and tight checking teams still stifle the flyers both in the neutral zone and in our own end once they establish a hard forecheck. The latter is painful to watch....Scotty Bowman supposedly said he couldn't even figure out any schemes with the way our D was constituted.

Holmgren has a lot of personnel decisions to make to support his coach who isn't exactly the biggest out of the box thinker either. Adding an "extra layer" of D wasn't exactly seamless and seemed to inhibit the offense a lot. It was an improvement though and got some wins against the Rangers but not the Devils obviously who had fun playing us.... kind of like Tampa when Lavi's only solution to their trap was to not play brilliant! What was funny was how Bouchard basically busted on himself by saying other teams don't seem to have a problem playing against Tampa's D but the Flyers did...guess he would still have a job if he played teams coached by Lavi

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