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05-01-2013, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by wflames View Post
But in what way were Feaster and management banking on making the playoffs? They were trying to, and they were expecting to, but because of moves made (and more importantly moves not made), we were never in a "playoff or bust" mode. And when we did change directions, we were able to quite comfortably enter a "retooling" mode, and the future already looks pretty bright.
Well, first of all, I didn't say they were. I said they had unrealistic expectations about the quality of the team and what it could realistically do.

But yes, they kind of were banking on making the playoffs and it's evident in the moves they didn't make. Prior to this year, three straight seasons of no playoffs and not a single move made in one of those deadlines to trade away assets for picks or futures. Always because of the mentality the Flames had to make the playoffs, and that they had the ability to do so.

Even the O'Reilly offersheet was the managements last gasp at a desperate playoff push. Why wait for a potential lottery pick to develop when you can add a second line centre now?

Meanwhile, a team not run by nitwits, also known as the Sharks, not only sold at the deadline, but also made it into the playoffs.

The ROR offer sheet was a case, by the way, of Feaster essentially wagering that their first pick would amount to an equal or less valuable player to O'Reilly. We have no real way of evaluating that, because we don't know where the Flames would be picking. It was not a case of trading a first-round pick for a player in his prime. Ryan O'Reilly is younger than Mikael Backlund.
It was a first and a third, which would have meant the Flames would be without a pick in the first 3 rounds of this draft, which just so happens to be considered the deepest since 2003.

And why can't we evaluate it or at least project how it might have turned out for the Flames? The Avalanche, after gaining O'Reilly, finished 2nd last in the league, even though O'Reilly managed a very respectable 20 points in 29 games this season. Do you honestly think he'd have manged better here? Or that his acquisition would have single-handedly propelled the Flames into the playoffs, even though it didn't for the Avalanche? It's not like he was buried on the Colorado roster either; he regularly played close to 20 minutes a night; he wasn't going to get more ice time in Calgary.

And all of that is again, ignoring the unparalleled incompetence in the organization when they failed to realize O'Reilly would have been subject to waivers. Just the fact that Feaster exposed the team to the possibility that they'd lose both the player and the picks demands his removal. That kind of calamity is not something any respectable organization would suffer lightly.

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