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i doubt that Lombardi moves Voynov at this point. for now he is the anchor on the 2nd D pairing for LA. he is very big supporter of Voynov and his work ethic. essentially he is the stereotypical Lombardi 'kind of player'.

Lombardi looks to load/set each D pair (even strength) with a PMD and a stay at home guy. the stay at home guys are the ones that DL is more willing to move around and swap. i think he has his #1 (Doughty) and #2 (Voynov) set for years now. voynov will get an extension this summer.

that leaves either AMart or Muzzin as the most likely candidates in this scenario.

AMart struggled this season i believe mainly to the injuries he had during the lockout, but i expect a complete bounce back next season. he took a puck to the face in Europe, then returned to play here after healing only to get re-injured a week or two before the lockout ended. the guy just never was able to get in stride. plays a solid two way game, with more of a PMD mentality. the latter part of last season and the PO's he was really beginning to show a more physical game. i compare him to D Sydor but with more physical upside. Amart was the the #3 PMD paired with M Greene last season, but also saw time up due to injury of others (Doughty).

Muzzin has been somewhat up and down this season. he is a rookie, so it is to be expected. has been at the forefront of rookie scoring for Dmen since his call up. big kid, likes to play physical (although as a rookie picks some wrong times to go for the hit), has a booming shot from the point, makes quick reads now that are only going to get better, crisp passer and is well above average skating ability. his biggest liability now is inexperience at the NHL level. he will make some highlight reel plays and then 2 shifts later make a rookie mistake.

both AMart and Muzzin are NHL ready and seasoned. Amart is 25 and has 142 Reg. GP, 26 PO GP and 1 SC ring. Muzzin is 24 and has 56 Reg GP and just 1 PO GP.

beyond those two then it comes down to prospects that are in AHL or just out of the NCAA.

PHI seeking a good young PMD, in addition to the large ? in net leads back to all the other scenarios and discussion.

Bernier + AMart or Muzzin


PHI 1st at 11 + ?

Bernier btw was a 1st (#11) back in 2006

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