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05-01-2013, 03:23 PM
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Rinks, hockey guys, and bad information management

I almost got into a full-on uncontrolled rant in JoeyB's thread about the clinic he's in sucking, but I'm proud to say I channeled my thoughts appropriately into a new thread.

So, what is it with hockey rinks and hockey programs?

Since getting into the game a couple years ago, my experience in trying to find local opportunities has been, universally:

- No matter which one you choose, the rink's website sucks. Poor design and layout, broken links, out of date program information (sometimes YEARS out of date!). I've noticed that often if a program cycle begins, say, April 1, the information might be posted March 20, if you're lucky. So, if you want to do a beginner class, if you can find one in the first place, good luck planning when and where you're doing it.

- Hockey directors don't call back. I've left messages or emails for the hockey guy at several local rinks a few different times. Usually asking about whether the adult clinic was happening and what time (since the website had old or no info) or asking when the spring/summer league would happen since in March (?!?!!) there was no info posted on the web. Once, I got an email back asking me to "call or text me after 5:30." Otherwise, nothing. Ever. From any of 4 or 5 different people.

At one clinic I went to, the instructors would say, try to get on the ice other times during the week. Go to stick time, practice your skating, etc. Then, try to find out about when they offer stick time, and it turns out the rink doesn't HAVE stick time. I haven't found any rinks in my area that offer stick time with adults allowed.

OK. Almost done venting.

Really, I'm just surprised that so many rinks operate with such poor business practices at work. It's not hard to have a simple, functional website with accurate information about what services you offer. It's not hard to return simple communications from prospective new customers. Hockey is a niche sport, I'm sure the call/e-mail volume isn't that high. In today's world, having to travel to the rink to get word-of-mouth information that may or may not be accurate simply to find out when and where to show up and spend your money isn't acceptable in any avenue of business/commerce.

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