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Originally Posted by Fourier View Post
That's what I thought you meant.

So here is the problem I have with this thread. It exists based on the premiss that these guys were excited that they hit certain bonuses in the last game. We have had a media report that because of the last game Hall will get his full bonus and now we are seeing speculation that others made big bucks from that game as well.

The issue I have is that none of this speculation is true.

The prorated schedule A performance bonuses for forwards are triggered at

12g 20a 35 points and .73pts/g.

Hall had already hit all of these well before the last game. So he had $850K in the bag a long time ago. And the only possible schedule B he could hit is the 2nd allstar team. It would take some pretty good crystal ball gazing to suggest that the Vancouver game seasled the deal on that one.

Eberle had also hit all four schedule A bonuses prior to the Canuck game. Yakupov had hit the goals number already and he failed to hit any of the others. As I sadi though, he may have earned a fair bonus if the last game helped him in the ROY race. But I doubt for one second that this is what motivated hit (the money that is).

Hall and Eberle would also have made the TOI bonus long before that as well.

The The prorated schedule A performance bonuses for defencemen are triggered at

6g 15a 23 points and .42pts/g.

Schultz had earned the goals, points and pts/g bonus prior to the last game. He also had the TOI bonus. And since he will not get and schedule B bonuses, nothing he did in the last game earned him any more money.

So give all of this it seems that only Yakupov may have benefitted from the Canuck game. So perhaps it is possible that what you saw was not relly about money after all.

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