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05-01-2013, 03:35 PM
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Originally Posted by StormCast View Post
So, now that you finally understood my point, you're going another route, eh? Don't blame you.

Forgetting for the moment the fact that Staal and Girardi were reunited earlier this year and the fact that they consistently played together for much of Staal's career, you are still missing the point about depth. The Canes don't and won't have that kind of top 4, meaning Staal will have to play more and tougher minutes.

So when Staal plays with MDZ and/or Stralman are you then contending that pair, anchored by Staal, went consistently up against the opponent's top line?

You mean the point that the price tag is too high? Yeah, I'll stick with that line of thinking. Of course, you're not going to buy it, as you place an incredibly high value on one of your guys. Nothing wrong or unusual about it but he is not worth that kind of asking price to the Canes. Pure and simple.
Considering Staal rarely got any PP time and played against every team's best players every night, I am not sure how he can play "tougher" minutes. Do you really believe he will play more than 25 minutes a night? Who was playing any minutes before? Are they all retiring?

You are arguing a point about a player who you didn't know much about (as has been proven a few times by our comments up to this point). When someone calls you out on it, all you do is slide over and state that is what you "meant".

At this point, I will just have to agree to disagree...

Also, on that last point, wouldn't you be guilty of the same exact thing with the Canes players? Pot calling the kettle black?

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