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01-01-2004, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Maple_Leafs_Forever
Firstly, Brewer is no-where near the value of Oluhnd or Jovo, and the situation was meant to help out their future since they are rebuilding. Perhaps Pilar instead of Berg and Colaiacovo instead of Bell?

The Zhitnik deal was more because Buffalo's sinking and he's a UFA come seasons end. I figured it was more Satan for Antropov and the fifth for developmental purposes and Berg+Hedin for half a seasons' worth of Zhitnik

The Islander deal was banking on the possibilities that a) Islanders start to go downhill again and b) they're still in salary dump mode.

I don't mean to Homer yet I always do, so if anyone could add their two cents (or a deal for a D-man that works) it would be much appreciated.

Oh and add Tucker into all of the afforementioned deals
Where to start, where to start.. first off, Brewer's value is a a lot closer to Ohlund/Jovo than you would allude to. Remind me who made the Canadian Olympic team.. was it Jovo? I know it's an overused defense but Brewer is showing signs lately that he has risen over the hump.. he is starting to look like a dominating defenceman now and there is absolutely no way Edmonton will trade him away for Karl Pilar! Secondly, how are the Oilers rebuilding? Just because they are young doesn't mean they are only looking at the future.. the only deal that even fits into a rebuilding scheme is the Comrie trade and Lowe realistically had no other options besides trading for prospects.

You seem to really be overrating the value of Antropov and your 5/6 d-men in Pilar, Berg and Bell.. Antropov's trade value is at an all-time low right now because he has yet to show he can play a full season in the NHL. His value is much greater to Toronto than it is in a trade as he definitely still has the potential to become a real dominant center. Very few teams will trade away their marquee players for guys like Berg and Pilar.. they are the kind of players that almost every team has a few of. Edmonton has Ferguson, Vancouver has Slegr, Ottawa has Hnidy etc.. I truly doubt that a team like Edmonton will trade away Brewer in an attempt to rebuild behind Berg..

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