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Originally Posted by scryan View Post
hehe, I read your last post that the goalie let in ~8 goals and am thinking "HEY! Thats not that bad!"

Concerning butterfly/styles/ect... I only bring that up because the first 2 stick times I was very hesitant to drop. The last one, where I took that video, I was trying to get down a lot simple because I was letting a ton go under me only kicking out my leg, but not getting my knee down... So I wanted to force myself to do that a bit more.
In doing so I notice I cannot push off square while I am down, and would like to get that a bit better... But not focused on overall butterfly style, just trying to get that element sorted a little bit.
I bought/read The Hockey Goalies Handbook by Jim Corsi, and been watching a lot of youtube... But I'll read through that link you gave.
Free stick time for goalies this sat, but after that I may have to start playing more pickup games based on that fact that sticktime costs and they don't alone
I'm a hybrid goalie all the way. I can't really push off nicely. If I got into a butterfly and the rebound is pounced on I'll throw myself around the net like a dying seal. The hardest part is figuring out if and when you need to go down. If you bite on a deke and go down, you're going to have a really hard time making the next save. I like to challenge out of the crease as much as possible because I can skate fairly fast backwards and can use the speed to buy me more time and can bfly slide to a post.

I gave up 8+ goals in my first 3 games, then gave up 3 goals in game 4, then went back to 6+ for a few more. I'm now down to 3ish, but it really, really, really depends on your defense. If they give up a lot of breakaways, you're going to get lit up no matter what you do. Biggest thing to do is to not think about the goals you've given up and not get frustrated.

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