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01-01-2004, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Legionnaire
.....I am not condoning Avery's actions by any strech of the imagination, but you definatley started this thread with some major bias, and I think I should respond.

Now if you are going to claim that Silienger was hurt, then why did he wait several second before he jumped on him. My guess, is that he kept talking ****, so he obviously wasn't hurt that bad....And by "hurt" do you mean the kind of hurt that most hockey players go through a couple of times a game? Because I've seen players "fall" to the ice harder than Sillinger was thrown down.

In the future Sopel fan, if you want to start a thread about how bad a player's actions were, then I suggest you do so without presenting yourself as totally biased from the get go-it would make your opinion so much more valid.
Why would I be biased? I don't like either team.

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