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Originally Posted by vstk View Post
Because he was coming down from the right side with a chance to launch his shot at any time. Being lefty = less room to short side, righty = more room to short side. And vice versa. Nabokov was forced to play both angles and committed to the short side just when he shot the puck. (pads down, dead arm down, stick to the ice). That leaves one single opening which is no bigger than a size of a puck. I hope I'm making at least some sense trying to explain this.
Coming down the right side as a righty, you have no advantages. You have to shoot the puck across your body, and then the goalies body to have a chance. As a lefty coming down the right side, you have every angle in the world available to you. That's why it is beneficial when a player can play on his off-wing, or is coming down his off-wing on a two on one or something like that.

Bennet would have had nothing to shoot at had Nabby played that play positionally well. But, Nabby went down VERY early, and Bennet ripped a good, but very tough, shot over him. If the situation was the same except Bennet was a lefty, he would have had no trouble sniping that far corner and making Nabby look even more silly than he did.

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