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Originally Posted by Green Blob View Post
Grachev was a monster at 6'4, 220 pounds that could fly and he put up great numbers his first year in NA so the hype on him was crazy (heck I bought into it as well).

He just wasn't able to bring his game to the next level at the pro level.

But yea, not sure why people are bringing his name into the mix when talking about St. Croix

People always get over-excited about big guys. I don't remember one person being excited about Marc Savard when I was pimping him on the AOL prospects board in the mid-90s. But every time we have a big guy who can skate, people get giddy.

If you correct for draft position, the bigger the player, the worse his odds of making the NHL. This doesn't sound right because there are more big guys than small ones in the NHL, but there's a reason for that: big guys who can play go very early, usually top-3, at worst top-10. After that, you get a big guy and you hope he can develop his skills in the future. That's why they always say that big guys take longer to develop - because they don't possess the skills in their draft year and need years to develop, if they ever do.

A kid standing 5-11 who has all the skill in the world will usually go below a 6-4 player who can kinda, sorta skate and can shoot 75 mph because everyone wants to get another Tkachuk or Getzlaf.

If you take 10 guys drafted in the second round who are 5-10 vs. 10 guys drafted in the second round who are 6-4, the small guys stand a significantly better shot of making it and the gap gets even wider if you only count "impact" players.

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