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Originally Posted by Sabretip View Post
Regier has certainly perfected the art of wiggling off the hook and avoiding answering the media's questions - and, when confronted, has his infamous form of babbling to cloudy the picture further, leaving listeners unsure what he just said or what he means.

Even Sullivan praised Regier afterwards as devising a brilliant strategy of laying out in advance that people should expect suffering and a few years of waiting, so the dilemma the team faced the past few years - high expectations and pressure - no longer is applicable to him or his roster. No one will expect a playoff berth or the team to beat the elite teams nor will anyone get upset with the team by not making changes to the roster. Yet, if the team somehow sneaks into the playoffs or overachieves, Regier will come off looking like a genius for being "ahead of schedule".

And just think.... a few weeks ago he was getting pissed on for not using the "R" word (rebuilding) ... See the picture? ...

It doesn't matter what he does or doesn't do....doesn't matter what he says or doesn't say... you're gonna find numb nuts writing a story to ***** about something.

Now you wonder why upper management in sports as well as Politicians spin and divert questions....because the end of the day.. your words are used against you in some lame spun story about something. Controversy will be way or the's all about the hits on the websites...not journalistic integrity.

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