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05-01-2013, 10:08 PM
Let's Go Blue Jays!
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Originally Posted by HossTheBoss View Post
Anyone else secretly wanting Torres to blow up a Canuck, and then watch as all their fans, who defended him two years ago, lose their minds on the main boards?

Originally Posted by HossTheBoss View Post
I don't think the Leafs would have made the playoffs in an 82-game season, nor do I think the Islanders would have either. Those two teams were embarrassed tonight.

The Leafs routinely get out-shot and out-chanced, and if they don't get a couple quick goals early in one of the games, they'll get swept. They're simply not a very good hockey team.

Granted, they're better now than they were last year and finally giving Kadri a chance is a big step.. but they're playing AHLers Mark Fraser and Mike Kostka way too much, and they get out-played far too regularly.
I actually don't think the team itself is all that bad - they're not great by any stretch...but what bothers me most is the coaching. I think Carlyle is a horrible, horrible coach for the team, has brutal decision making skills, and is not going to be able to move them to the next level at all.

I don't know if they'd made it in a full season or not - with Carlyle as coach probably not. but on the basis of the pieces they have alone they're probably a bottom tier playoff team.

As far as the Islanders go, it's hard to fault any team for getting run over by the Pens. I'm sure this isn't the only blowout game they'll inflict before the playoffs are through.

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