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05-01-2013, 11:38 PM
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Originally Posted by jml87 View Post
I don't want to see them blow it up until at least they fire Charlie. If they still can't put together, then I guess they have no choice, but they seriously have no fire out there. Charlie has completely lost that team.

Andy Reid all over again. Stop wasting time on this same old ********.
IMO, Not really. Although it seems like the Phillies are slowly falling away toward a losing team like the Eagles did their past few years I wouldn't compare the head honchos of each club in that manner. Manuel accomplished more in what he was asked to do in a much shorter time span than Reid did. Plus, Reid had a much larger role in the downfall of the Eagles over the past few years with his gameplans, roster decisions, coaching decisions (Castillo... still WTF?), etc.

Manuel's decisions are a lot less. In game he's got control over the lineup, and when to take out players/pitchers and that's about it. Sure, he isn't exactly great at the strategic moves, but the product on the field is much more reflective of player output in baseball than it is football.

Now, I'm not saying Charlie should stay. A shake-up could very well be in order in the near future, and Charlie very well could be candidate #1. But comparing him to Reid is off-base IMO. Reid's downfall was largely his own making as I previously described in his role. Charlie's teams under-performing is more of a mixture of Charlie, Ruben, and the players on the field all not doing as well as we'd like them to.

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