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09-16-2006, 11:56 PM
Phil Parent
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Because it's the law here. It's to make sure people who immigrate to Quebec will send their kid to French school, thus making sure that every second generation immigrant will be fairly well integrated into the culture and such.

On the other hand, French Quebecers CANNOT send their kids to English school in Elementary or High School.

Now, it was made for immigrants from the middle east, and from the ex-european communist states. They made provisions so that English Quebecers and Canadians can send their kids to English school freely. All other immigrants, even Americans or Brits, must go to French school. I think in the same reform, they flushed Religion from school to make sure all immigrants could blend in as good as possible.

Now, that last part has been cut in pieces by various lobbies, so now all religious symbols are allowed in school, EXCEPT Christian ones. Just in the spirit of being fair and all that. *Scratches Head*

Maybe they oughta tweak this poo-poo a little.

Anyways, In Carbonneau's case, he wanted to send his kid to English school. Carbo's French, so his kid had to go to French school. The law's the law, for everyone.

In Shanahan's case, he was raised and educated in English in Canada. So his kid can go to school in English in Quebec. The kids must have double citizenship by virtue of Shanahan being Canadian.

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