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09-16-2006, 11:17 PM
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To respond to both Xander and Gretz, personally I don't think Tyutin gets it done or the Canes see him that way but strangers things have happened. I just wouldn't hope too hard.

As for Johnson, I am still very high on him and saw a lot of similarities to Phaneuf at the same stage. My personal opinion is that he isn't in the NHL so all of sudden people start coming out of the word work with "oh he's not this" or "oh he's not as good as that", etc. etc. etc.

Personally I think it's bull and I see it happen all the time in hockey.

As for Erik Johnson, I like him but I've said for months and I'll say it again, I honestly think he's overrated at this point and he's been put on this pedastal of the best defensive prospect of the last decade, etc. etc.

Sorry, don't see it. Very good steady kid who is going to be an all-star for many years, but not god's gift to defense. Scouts and "experts" fall in love with players sometimes and give them titles and you look back at history and the guys who lead there teams to championships and who don't have those titles bestowed upon them truly go underappreciated.

I'd take JJ and Staal has my 1-2 defenseman and never look back. Take Montoya, take Tyutin, take my first. I'll pay it.

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