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09-17-2006, 03:06 AM
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Not to get into a big debate here, but I *think* (without looking it up) Phil's wrong on that issue.

I believe parents can send kids to private school in whatever language they want (French or English) in Quebec, it's the public system where the rules regarding parental citizenship (Canadian?) and education (English?) is the criteria for going into the English system.

The reason I think it's this way was the huge fight by some Francophone parents who had sent their kids to English private school for Grade 1 and then used that to send their kids to English public schools for the rest of their time (since the kids had gone to an English school, that made them eligible for the English system)... essentially pay for one year of English private school and then get to use the public system for "free" for the rest.

A loophole that was closed by legislation (Bill 104?) (now English private school confers no additional rights to go into the English system)... thus a court fight by those Francophone parents that went (is going?) up to the Supreme Court, if I'm not mistaken.


That kind of covers it... Selwyn, for example, does not require the "Certificate of Eligibility" that Anglo-Canadians need to go into the English school system for K through 6, because their elementary school receives zero government subsidies... but their high school does, so the Certificate is required.

Before Bill 104, I think that meant Francophone kids who would not get the Certificate could go to Selwyn from K to 6... since the majority of their education to this point was English they would be eligible for a Certificate to go on to any English high school (or continue at Selwyn) (and their siblings as well).

Now, that's not possible; the kid will then have to enter the French system or find a completely private English high school, and the siblings don't get anything either.

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