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09-17-2006, 06:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Edge View Post
Truth be told, I'm not even sure Labs will make it when all is said and done.

Heading into this season you've got Cloutier and Garon ahead of him.

Labs is like so many players that just highlight how great the jump from the AHL to the NHL really is and how sometimes a players potential can be inflated by the AHL team he plays on. It goes back to my feelings about players like Genoway, Girardi and Pock and how its so much more than the numbers or putting together a 10 game NHL stint.

On paper Garon and Labs were two amazing AHL goalies who put up some HUGE numbers. But at the NHL level, they combined for a pretty mediocre NHL tandem whose experiment lasted all of one season.

Even amongst the Rangers last decade there is a long line of goalies who made you say "maybe" but who were no more than very good AHL goalies (despite some overly dramatic threads on here by people wanting to give them a chance).

J.F. Labbe, Labarbera, Holmqvist, etc.

The gap is so much bigger than a stat sheet and some wishful thinking implies. Everyone thinks they've found the next steal or out of left field player. What often gets overlooked is that for every St. Louis there's 200 guys who fall by the side. There's never has many diamonds in the rough as people want to believe or look at stat sheets and point to.
The one I remember most as an absolutely couldn't miss was Corey Hirsch. Well he did. Anyway I never was a big fan of Labarbera's and I am not at least yet of Chris Holt. From last year I don't expect that he's going to make it. Now it's up to him to prove me wrong which is fine if he can do it. As for other players Jessiman might be someone who by December we can write in or write off. It's important that he produce enough where he can play on a scoring line. My fear with him is him being bypassed by any number of others. As for Pock and Girardi--I actually think that Girardi who is a few years younger might someday be a player. I'm more hopeful for him.

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