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Originally Posted by andersej View Post
More like a crazy few. I doubt it would change the numbers a whole lot, but I guess for the uninitiated it sounds a lot better to be in the top flight. In terms of actual level of play, a top Allsvenskan team is often more than a match for a (demoralised) bottom SEL team - as witnessed by the success rate of the Allsvenskan teams in the promotion playoffs in recent years. It seems that every season at least one and sometimes two Allsvenskan teams gains promotion, relegating one or two SEL teams in the process.

I don't see any scenario where Malmö moves the team to Copenhagen. The interest is so much higher on the Swedish side that it would be a huge risk to move to Copenhagen. Also, the arena in Malmö is bigger than the one planned in Ørestad. It's more likely that Copenhagen gains a KHL team. That might draw some Swedes. Come for the hockey - stay for the beer! They would need a sponsorship deal in the 8-10 million Euro a year range a la Saxo Bank. Might be worth it for someone like Carlsberg or another company with a presence in Russia. KHL newcomers Zagreb is reported to work with a player salary of 10 million Euros.
Yeah a Copenhagen KHL team. "Copenhagen Ice-Bergs?" and selling cool Carlsbergs during the game.
"Probably the Best Beer in Town" vs Russian Kvas?" kind of slogan (though I have to admit I'm rather fond of that liquid "øllebrød" drink). Should make a beer tent next to the hockey arena for all the thirsty Swedes coming over (like they have in Munich for the "Oktober fest").

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