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05-02-2013, 07:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Clock View Post
It's the principal of the thing.

Yes, I always have internet flowing through my house at almost all times, and no, this probably wouldn't really affect me.

But still - no. Consoles are pretty locked-down as is. I don't think that piracy was really rampant with the 360. That Microsoft wants to somehow crack down HARDER on me, a paying customer, and essentially punish me if my internet DOES go out, is offensive to me. A single player game SHOULD NOT REQUIRE AN INTERNET CONNECTION. There's no way I'm buying this thing if it even allows publishers to not allow me to play a game I bought because my internet is down or, what is a much more likely scenario that everyone forgets for some reason, that Microsoft's servers or the publisher's servers are down.

This crap is going to get worse and worse as long as customers put up with it.
Actually piracy was a huge thing for the 360. When it came to pirated games, the 360 version usually was the first out on the web by a good margin, even beating out PC games.

But yes, it is still very much punishing the paying customer, which is the clear majority.

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