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05-02-2013, 08:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Still All In View Post
Sad truth is we don't have the depth to give up on Brewer just yet. Also, we need to take a long hard look at the fact that Cooper and his "you'll ****ing play defense, or you'll play elsewhere" system *should* show some improvement in quite a few guys, notably Carle and Brewer.
Agreed on both counts. While it wouldn't completely surprise me to see Brewer moved this summer, IMO he is OK as a third pairing D-man. If he is moved he will have to be replaced, which means either another (inexperienced) Syracuse D makes the big club - Gudas is pretty much a given at this point - or Yzerman goes shopping in an expensive open market.

On the Cooper system, let's not forget the team was playing most of the season with the somewhat unconventional Boucher system in their heads: both D on the puck and a forward covering the slot in the defensive zone. It didn't seem to work for this group. I remember watching a practice where Lee in particular was having trouble picking it up. Let's see what a full camp with Cooper brings.

As a final point on Brewer, I see a lot of criticism of his skating. While he is slowish in terms of straight line speed and won't catch many forwards on a breakaway, he actually skates reasonably well. You can see this when he joins the rush, as well as some plays in his own end. It is his positioning that often gets him in trouble, and he makes a lot of boneheaded mistakes for a veteran.

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