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05-02-2013, 09:37 AM
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I just ordered an American made archery product(a set of limbs) from London...With shipping it was cheaper than I can get the very same product anywhere in the US without shipping.

This was at the bottom of the confirmation email:

Tax: All prices EXCLUDE all taxes. There are three reasons for this... i) You have ordered books or magazines. or ii) You live outside the EC (Europe) so you do not pay our taxes. Depending on the value of any order you place you may have to pay import
duty when you receive your order. Please ask your local imports/customs depts for advice. or iii) You are a VAT registered EC resident.
I figure the American taxes on this product is increasing the cost by OVER 20%...There are special excise tax on archery equipment above normal taxes...

How messed up is that? I have to go to Europe to buy an American product for about 22% less? I didn't go to them because they were the cheapest, they happen to be the only company who has this product in stock...But when I started looking at the prices I was floored.

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