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05-02-2013, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
I guess that possibly explains why Schultz played his best game in weeks in the final game.
I'm not gonna lie. It pisses me of a bit that he looked pretty much done over the last 5 games or so, absolutely finished then all of a sudden comes to life when the bonus money was on the line, good for him to get his money and all but still..... It's all speculative and maybe i'm looking too much into it but it doesn't look good on him and it's pretty disappointing TBH.
I have no problem with Hall and Yak because they were giving their all every game but it doesn't look good on Schultz IMO. I guess considering what happened with the Anaheim situation, we shouldn't be too shocked. I sure hope i'm wrong about where his motivation lied.
Yeah you are. He would have known about the bonus money well before Saturday night. Its not like he would intentionally leave it to the last possible game. If you think he just made more effort all of a sudden to get the bonus, you would have seen that from him earlier.

Schultz came to life because he was playing against an almost AHL lineup.

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