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05-02-2013, 10:15 AM
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jsykes, believe me, I understand what you're saying, but in some ways, it's just a list of reasons not to bother trying improve business practices.

Nothing I'm griping about calls for a full-time P.R./communications person or anything close to that at all. I'm not talking about a fancy website built by a design consultant. There are templates out there for free or very little money that will get the job done fine. Hockey rinks are not businesses that need a flashy presence online and they certainly don't need to go to the expense of advertising aggressively - but they SHOULD recognize the value of putting basic program information out there in a timely fashion so that, since people have to seek it out, it can be found easily enough. It does not take a full time staff member to make sure that the dates for a clinic are decided and posted more than a week before it begins. All that takes is common sense. It's very much, as mistrhanky points out, a case of being penny-wise and pound-foolish to continue with inefficient working methods to avoid the minimal expense of implementing a much more efficient system.

I'm talking about making sure the very basic information is out there and up-to-date - on the web, and in the hands of whoever is answering the phones. That's it.
If that is done, many of the phone calls and emails that now go unanswered never even happen, because people don't have to try to track the hockey director down to answer a question as basic as, "What programs do you offer for me and at what time?"

I don't know enough about the energy costs to throw a number at you, but I understand that the operating costs for a 2-sheet rink are huge. Between refrigeration, resurfacing equipment and fuel, lighting, and the minimum number of bodies on deck to keep a place open, I'm sure it's ridiculous.

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