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05-02-2013, 11:33 AM
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Originally Posted by PointyElbows View Post
Come on - you really believe that 36+ hockey dates lose money for the owners of the arena? And that 20 graduation ceremonies bring dollars to the owners? This was simply a penny-wise, pound foolish tactic by arena management. It will make for an interesting negotiation if there is to be a continuing relationship after the 2013 - 2014 season. Indy should be watching this one closely.
As a moderator for the BOH, I can state that stranger arrangements exist (and make more $$ than teams).

For instance, Kansas City built an arena, capable of NBA or NHL tenancy. And they've been the "we can always go to" threat in a number of teams getting a new arena/deal.

Yet, they are making $$s there, without a major sport anchor tenant.

Realize that the arena operation (ushers, security, merchandise, concessions -- personnel, plus power and other utilities; and some maintenance) is only part of what a team has in expenses for a game. There's also the player's salaries, etc.

So just having a visiting concert may produce more $$ (and have less expense, adding more to bottom line) than a game. (There's a reason those concert tickets are high -- covers not only what the artist/group requires for their appearance and expenses, but also for the venue.)

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