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05-02-2013, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Nyrfan25 View Post
You're correct Clarkson had 30 goals and 16 assists last year for 46 pts in 80 games.
Clowe had 17 goals and 28 assists for 45 pts in 76 games.

This year is also a huge difference.

Clarkson had 48 games 15 goals and 9 assists for 24 pts.
While Clowe only had 40 games 3 goals and 16 assists for 19 pts.
No, neither year is a huge difference. They both put up equivalent point per game paces in each season. All this shows is that in Clowe's worst season, Clarkson only barely kept up with him in his best season... And Clarkson put up those numbers with vastly more PP TOI than Clowe.

Originally Posted by Dagoon44 View Post
Clarkson is younger
By 6 months. Is that the make-it-or-break-it cut off for one player's career being over and the other having a long, successful career ahead of him?

Originally Posted by Dagoon44 View Post
please with the breakout season non sense..he has continued to grow each season over the last 4 yrs he is what this team needs.
Is it really that he has become a better player in those 4 years? Really? So it is just a coincidence that in those four years he has also seen a steady increase in PP TOI - and thus, PP points?

2009-2010: 109:13 PP TOI (6 of 24 points on the PP)
2010-2011: 136:28 PP TOI (2 of 18 points on the PP)
2011-2012: 244:19 PP TOI (16 of 46 points on the PP)
2012-2013: 170:30 PP TOI -- on pace for just under 300 PP TOI. (8 of 24 points on the PP)

If you take away his PP TOI in either this season or last, he drops right back down to a 25-30 pt player; and a mediocre to ****** third liner.

So the question is, if you want to bring him to NYR, are you willing to play him on the PP as much as he has been in the last two seasons? Because that is the only way in hell you can expect him to come anywhere near those point numbers. I sure am not willing to do that.

And FYI -- this season, he was 23rd in the entire league in total PP time. Yet didn't even crack the top 140 in total points. He had more avg PP minutes per game than any single player on the Rangers. So how exactly is that going to work - getting him all that PP time?

Even with a big amount of PP time in the last 36 games, his ppg pace has dropped back down to earth after an insanely hot start (he was 1.25 ppg in his first 12 gp; 0.25 ppg in his last 36). So yea, his last season was an absolute aberration/inflated by a significant role on NJ's PP. I say no thanks to that.

Originally Posted by Dagoon44 View Post
Clowe is a great guy on this team but if his demands are what was printed he is out of his mind
I don't disagree. $5-$6 million for him is insane. But would you pay somewhere in the range of $3.5-$4.5 mil? You never start negotiations at the price you think is reasonable; both parties inflate or deflate their respective offers. I see Clowe's rumored demands more as a negotiation strategy/bargaining chip than anything... but I guess we'll see what happens.

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