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Originally Posted by StoneHands View Post
I know we all have our hopes up for a franchise defenseman in the first round but don't be surprised if the Flyers end up picking a forward, maybe even a center in the first round.

Last 10 drafts:
Center- Laughton, Couturier, Giroux, Carter, Richards
Wing- JvR, Downie
Defense- Sbisa

5 Center, 2 wingers, 1 defenseman, no goalies.

The Flyers love drafting centers. They love being stacked down the middle. They look at it as a problem they like to have and think they can just move someone to wing if they need to sinc it's harder to move a wing to center if you run into injury problems.

They drafted Carter and Richards when we alre had Roenick(who was 32 years old), Primeau, and Handzus. They added 2 centers to a team stacked with centers.

They drafted Giroux when carter and Richards were rookies, Forsberg was 32 but had just posted 75 points in 60 games and turned Gagne from a 25-30 goal scorer to a 40-45 goal scorer, handzus was in his prime, and Umberger looked like a 3rd line option. Again added a center into a mix with 2 other recent first rounders, a hall of famer, and 2 solid 3rd line centers.

They drafted Couturier when we really needed a defenseman. Pronger and Kimmo were both 35 and Pronger had injury problems. We had Giroux, Briere, Carter, and Richards down the middle who finished 1-4 in that order in team scoring. Everyone was screaming "Dougie!" at the TV when they were up to draft and then took a Center.

Last year they drafted Laughton when we had Giroux who just fully broke out, had just traded for Schenn, and had just drafted Couturier. It looked like our top 3 center spots were potentially filled for the next 10 years. We also still had Briere under contract for a few more years, Read who showed he could play center in a bind, and Talbot who scored 19 goals and showed he could be a good 3rd liner when needed. pronger was obviously done for good and Timonen was clearly declining, and they knew they would be letting Carle walk in free agency yet they drafted another center.

Dont be surprised if the Flyers pick a forward especially if someone like Monahan or Lindholmsomehow drops. The Flyers love picking best available and usually thats a center in their minds.
If Monahan or Lindholm gets to 11, then I think most of us would agree that the Flyers will and should pick them.

That said, the assumption (or hope?) that they'll take a defenseman is only partly about perceived organizational needs, which, as you've pointed out, haven't been a guiding factor in the past. It is also about projecting who BPA might be at 11. Going off of most lists, there's a strong chance that it will be defenseman.

Remember, by most accounts, we were slated to take Siemens until Couturier fell in 2011.

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