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Originally Posted by Darkside Cowboy View Post
I think you see the world too much in black/white. The guy could have had his guns and been a member of the gun club for several years without doing anything wrong, leading to the thinking that it was a "harmless" hobby. You seem to forget that not everyone sees the world as you do.
They had an interview with some armed-car security who met Kimveer Gill at the gun club. He had just purchased a gun(s) in April or May of this year.

It doesn't matter though. These are semantics. A 25-year old with no ambition, leeching off their parents, should not live at home.

This is indeed black and white for me. I have a hard time understanding how this is not a black and white situation, you are correct. So enlighten me, and I say this with no hostility: if you have a 25-year old who has no interest in taking part in society, is increasingly depressed and angry, whose primary interest seems to be their guns, would you permit them to continue living in your home? Would you not do anything, and just hope they get out of their depression? Or would you present them with the following (fairly standard) options:

a) grow up and start behaving as an adult. Do something constructive; whether it be as small as getting a regular job, volunteer work, or school

b) get some medical help for your depression or whatever's preventing you from living life. We, as parents, will pay for you while you seek this help so long as you do it regularly

c) if neither of the above two are done, you're outta the house.

Forget Gill for a second. Tell me in this hypothetical situation of a 25-year old leeching off of you, what you would do.

Originally Posted by Darkside Cowboy View Post
I have known my share of people in the past who were 25 without a job living at their parents house, not particularly integrated in society, and yet I would never ever think they would take guns and go kill people.
It's not about taking guns and killing people. I find it ironic that you claim I am seeing this in black and white terms, which may be true, when you yourself are seeing my argument in simple black and white terms as well.

I do not believe it is standard for 25-year old leeches to go on shooting rampages. I do not believe it was Gill's parents responsibility to foresee him doing this. I don't think they could have anticipated this.

I do believe it is part of parenting to give your child one last shove out the door if they're not doing anything constructive by the time they are adults, and refuse any help. It does a child no good to stay at home into their late 20s and 30s if they are not at school, not working, and not enjoying life.

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