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05-02-2013, 01:24 PM
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Bringing this over from the arena thread discussion on downtown restaurants

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
So why don't they now in that case? Games go on near downtown, thousands of patrons of Oilers game go right by downtown on LRT headed for southside. Yet if you are on one of those trains you note virtually nobody getting off downtown post game.

Looks like maybe there isn't much appeal downtown.
Or maybe not everyone who has just dropped >$200 on a hockey game wants to go gout for a full meal afterwards. Not to mention that the on-ice product is enough to put anyone off their feed.

Hell for a decent steak after an event at Rexall I'd have to go all the way to Bistecca at Century Park or just walk to Coliseum Steak and Pizza. Not sure where people got the notion I'm a picky eater at all. I just want a decent restaurant, not pub, to go to. Thats it.

People eat steak here in Alberta. They do actually.
So it's not that DT lacks for options. It lacks for options that cater to you. Doesn't mean you are picky: there's nothing in Millwoods that appeals to me either.

One of the specific problems with downtown Edmonton is it doesn't cater to an Edmonton demographic. Corso32? lol.
lol? Place is packed every night, you need to book week's in advance for reservations. Oh and it's ceen vote done of the best restaurants in the country. LOL indeed.

Meanwhile, the rest of Edmonton, who see very little reason to go downtown, end up spending their money closer to home in confines that more suit their tastes. Ironically, I recently went to a Cowboy Junkies concert in St Albert and found more appealing restaurants to go to in immediate vicinity downtown St Albert then in Edmonton. Not surprisingly people from St Albert are patrons of their downtown.
The River House was, at one point, one of my favourite restaurants in the Edmonton area. Haven't been in years, though.

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