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Originally Posted by mapleleaf979 View Post
MASSIVE ISSUES with Kessel. Lets be honest for a second. He QUITS against the BRUINS. NO other way to slice it, he is Terrified, he will not even attempt to beat Chara one on one. He sees him and its shut down and pretend, he is thinking about protectin himself and NOT PLAYING HOCKEY. He is TERRIFIED. Kessel main goal against the Bruins? In my opinion , Survival.
It's taken so much to restrain myself and protect myself from an infraction at this point.

This post is ridiculous.

If, for the past 3 or 4 years, the Leafs beat up on the Bruins and beat them in 11 of the last 13 regular season games, and THEN Kessel was still going anonymous and invisible, then I would understand that criticism.

But to make out that he's the scapegoat and a quitter, etc., is just ridiculous. James van Reimsdyk, Colton Orr, and Jay McClement, were perhaps the ONLY 3 Leaf forwards to show up yesterday. That means you have 9 other forwards that you can criticize, but instead you pick on one...?

And it's not just you so don't think that I'm singling you out - it's this general negativity that surrounds Kessel that is ridiculous. Chara is a huge Dman and has neutralized many great players in this league. It's up to the other players around him to step up and help him too.

Ask yourself this - how many chances did Phil have last night? How many times did he get the puck in a position where he could attack? How many times did the Leafs have possession of the puck in a position where we could create some offence for Phil?

If you answered zero - you are correct.

He's had such little support in these games against Boston, yet people keep dumping on him.

Phil Kessel has been rendered useless, because the other 4 guys on the ice did very little. Bozak had a thoroughly pathetic evening, so Phil wasn't going to get any setups. JvR just went hard to the net every time he got the puck. The blue line couldn't break out of the zone. Reimer looked like a goalie with no playoff experience.

If the people around Phil can start doing their jobs, I'm sure Phil can start doing his. Ask yourself - if Kessel had the Penguins first line around him, do you still think he only manages 3 powerplay goals in 22 games against Boston?

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