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Originally Posted by DJOpus View Post
Yeah didn't...sorry for that.

Anyways, Edler for 3rd overall?
Originally Posted by jarmoismyhero View Post
As to the Edler talks I would not add anything additional if I were Van...Edler for number 3 overall...The chances of that pick being better then Edler or any other top pairing dman are slim.
Edler for Drouin/Mackinnon/Jones (one can dream). That seems fair enough to me.

Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
Given Cap considerations and how Edler seems to have stalled in his development, a top pairing guy but not a real stud #1, I doubt TB would do the 3rd pick straight up for Edler.
A lock out shortened year...thats like 90% of what caused the "stall". Even this stalled year, he was on pace for 40+ points, which is an off year for him. He hits, plays D, can move the puck, can shoot...I guess he just isn't the Weber/Letang style number one, but I'm hard pressed to find a team where he wouldn't be a top pairing D. And short of a select group of teams (Chicago, Pittsburgh, Nashville, L.A., Ottawa, Boston, and I know I'm forgetting one or two off the top of my head), he'd easily or arguably be the top defender on that team.

Originally Posted by Larry Hoover View Post
How is Olli Jokenin worse? This is a guy who in his prime was getting almost 40 goals and 90 points.
Originally Posted by DJOpus View Post
That happened once, he scored 91 once, 89 once, and over 70 only one other time. Consistency has been a major issue for Jokinen..
It has been a very sharp decline then, if we're counting Olli as a 90 point forward to what he would be now.

Originally Posted by ThatGuy22 View Post
He's not. Classic what have you done for me lately lately due to Jokinen's post 30 decline.
Originally Posted by DJOpus View Post
His post 30 years match-up to his mid-20 years. Granted the guy had 2 very good years when he was 28 and 29.

Edler has accomplished what Jokinen did in his entire career and is only 27...he is still coming up to his prime years as a defenseman.


I will admit though, Jokinen is probably equal not worse to Edler unless Edler can accomplish more in the upcoming years. A poor man's #1 in their respective positions.
An "even" would be generous, but we're not comparing apples to apples here. Look at other Florida alumni that are currently playing for different teams. Olesz is dead salary, Booth is probably 0.75 ppg...but has only played 40 games a season at best, Horton was an important pick up for Boston's cup run and subsequent success, but is a complimentary player. Bouwmeester and Ballard (although I'd consider Ballard much more misused then others I've listed) also fell off the train somewhat as well.

All these guys, including Jokenin, had all the ice time they needed to succeed, and largely, no pressure on a non-playoff team. The Olli Jokenin of Winnipeg, or Phoenix, or Calgary, is not the Olli Jokenin that scored 90 points once upon a time.

I agree with DJopus though, if Edlers development stopped right here, and right now, even would be a fair assessment. However, until this year (a lock out shortened one) he has been trending upwards still, and is playing with a different partner every 3 games it seems.

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