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05-02-2013, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Blue Blooded View Post
Well it depends on the chosen sample, if you include players who have played 200+ minutes of ES TOI he's only 2nd. #1? Mats Zuccarello.

I like their HART rating more though. It's an average of their HARO and HARD ratings which are basically how much more/less did the team score vs. expectation, and how much less/more did they concede vs. expectation when the player was on the ice.

It's sort of a +/- adjusted for quality of teammates and opposition.

Stepan is "only" 4th in that, behind Crosby, Toews, and freakin Rozsival!

Again, if we allow players with 200 mins, Zuccarello is just wiping the floor with the competition with a HART of 82.8%. Crosby's is 65.1.

I'm not sure what "over expectations" means.

The GF%, I figured out is a metric of overall game. Basically, +25 for the guy that scores less but gives up less is more impressive on a relative basis. This is similar to the concept in the recent "what is a blowout" thread? People were saying it depends on what the score is. A 4-1 win means you scored 4 times the goals of the opposition, 6-3, means twice. Despite both being +3. You can argue that "relatively" 4-1 is more impressive.

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