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05-02-2013, 03:07 PM
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Its okay to call me out because I don't have proof to what was told to me. I can only tell you what was said and relay the information. What you do with it, whether you believe it or question it is up to you. Its how it goes on the Internet and I am very well aware of it is. My story, or I should say my fathers story is still the same, and I won't be backing down on it until he says to me "the information we all recieved was false". I'm not some young kid on a message board stirring up nothing. I'm an adult. My father has been doing what he's doing for a LONG time. He wouldn't say something if he didn't get the info from his co-workers.

I don't feel disrespected by anyone on her not believing me. Don't you dare call me or my father a liar though. When I posted what my father said to me a few weeks ago, I prefaced it, and I still do that it was a rumor.

It WAS reported a bit on the news, but then that stopped once we found out suspect 1 and 2's names. A quick google search or a trip back to the thread when the raid was happening can show you what you need to know.

Once again, its all good. If you believe me great. If you don't that's fine too. If you have an issue feel free to PM me. Ive got nothing to hide. Its something you have to deal with when you post on message board without the proof from the source, which is my father. Maybe one day you'll run into both if us at a B's game and he can tell you the same thing. But until then, I can just give you my words, and you have to do whatever you wish with it.

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