Thread: Speculation: Off-Season 2013
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05-02-2013, 03:23 PM
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I think our options are as follows:

1) Stand pat. Maybe make a minor move here or there, but largely stay the course. Maybe move Gudas to the second pairing and Brewer to the third. Without a guy coming back, we don't have the luxury of moving Brewer right now, and if we want to not send off any forwards for D, this is probably what we'll do. The other option is to split up Hedman and Salo, maybe put Salo with Carle and Hedman with Gudas/Carle/Brewer. I don't love this idea because I think Hedman/Salo is a kickass top pairing at the moment.

2) Probably the likely option, but it is to pick up a guy in free agency. We need to shed some salary, which I could see with a Malone for low pick trade/buyout, but pick up a cost effective defensive guy to play the role Lundin did when he was here. Don't think we can afford a full blown top 4 guy, so it would have to be a bottom pairing utility guy.

3) Trade one of our forwards with value (probably Purcell or Connolly) for a top 4 guy. This could be the best or worst move of the three options. What if the guy comes in and doesn't perform (injury or ineptitude or both)? What if Connolly turns out to be a 35-35 guy? What if Purcell haunts our dreams when we can't enter the zone? This is the highest risk, highest reward option of the three. I am torn on whether this is the right move.

Anyway, that's how I see the D playing out. I think doing #1, if we get better goaltending and more D help from the forwards could get us into the playoffs. I think #2 makes it more likely we make the playoffs, and #3 is the type of move we would end up either loving or hating.

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