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09-17-2006, 02:23 PM
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Parents would've been exposed to trouble signs.

Not sure if people understood my earlier posts entirely.

I basically said that it would've been difficult for the family to significantly confront or deter Kimveer, from an unhealthy path. This does not mean that more external assistance could not be attempted and applied. I've heard some mention of an attempt at intervention for Kimveers depression, not sure of the extent of that, whether he was taking antidepressants, etc.

I also said the sociopathic state which Kimveer pretty clearly evoked was likely cloaked to the outside world(save for anonymous online dissociated disclosure) but many of the facets, behaviors, characteristics, WOULD have been displayed to the family.

Anger, rage, frustration, depression, hopelessness, despair, aimlessness, listlessness, lack of caring about his life path WOULD very likely have been displayed.

Kimveer was very clearly a 25yr old failure to launch, that showed limited to zero interest to launch that reported no interest in going to a college to pursue any link to career. In addition he also failed to launch any significant realworld attempt to have a girlfriend or significant others.

At the very minimum Kimveer would've exhibited critical signs of failing to engage in his life in any meaningful way to his family. He very likely had a TV, dvd player, stereo, Computer, internet, gameplayer, in the basement, had videos like zero day laying around that he obsessed over. Likely many more disturbing titles of movies, games, magazines, posters, t shirts around. HAD SEVERAL FIREARMS.

Kimveer likely spent countless days, weeks, in that basement evading life and trading it with non-stop escape. The family likely saw him at meal times and probably left him alone a lot in the basement for reasons I detailed earlier.

Of course nobody knew what Kimveer was going to do but the presentation of what he WAS doing ought to have been disturbing enough to have warranted significant concern that the boy was displaying no interest in his own maintanence, or life.

Being empowered to be a failure to launch, depressed, couch potato, that spent much time obsessing about people, the world, that he was not in, allowed him the time to further dissociate entirely until there was no connection at all.
Each day, week, and year, drifting by(7years!) would've further enhanced feelings of utter detatchment and despair.

He needed real world instead of fantasy outlets. He needed to be encouraged, made to, engage in the real world instead of his immersion in fantasy.

His life was fairly screaming loneliness and lack of meaning.

edit: I'm not blaming the family exclusively as much as pointing out some significant things that would have been present that should have pointed to the need for further help. Very unfortunately the unproductive patterns shown here are epidemic in our society with many of our young non engaging in their own productive lives. Whether it leads to this worst scenario result or just a profoundly unhappy lifepath its still a tragedy unfolding that many young people are walking on. Which is not to be viewed as me dissing the younger generation as a far greater amount in my view are being very productive, motivated citizens but theres a significant subset that just gets lost, or never, or very late, started.

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