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05-02-2013, 03:59 PM
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Originally Posted by SlingshotVv View Post
I know this is an eventuality that should be planned for, but I hate it. I'm of the mind-set that we pay out what it takes and retain him when the time comes. If he is really that interested in playing with his brothers, make him prove it by walking away from a ton of money on the table (relative to his position on the team).

It's just that he's the kind of player you get an absolute ton out of. He has the skill set and hockey sense that even as his legs deteriorate as he ages, he'll become a cagey veteran, and just as awesome just in a tad different way. Not only is he a work-horse on the ice, but he's one off the ice as well, and he's got a great skill set, and great hockey sense at both ends of the ice, and he competes HARD. On top of having the head and skills of a top notch guy, genetically he's a true super-athlete for this sport. Long, solid, quick and powerful.

None of the returns I've seen mentioned replace him in the line-up with something better.
Not quite sure how that helps the Rangers if they throw "a ton" of money at him.

Either he winds up walking away and the Rangers havent gotten any value for him, or we wind up overpaying for him.

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